Umbral Core

Umbral Core is a classic fighting game, where players face each other to deplete the opponent's health bar and win the battle. Characters and environments are rendered in 3D but gameplay remains on a traditional 2D plane.

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Captivating characters with unique combat design and mechanics

Rollback netcode for a seamless online experience

Smoothest animations ever seen in a fighting game thanks to uncapped FPS

Deep and rewarding combat mechanics that allow for great creativity

Environment's animations on sync with the dynamic soundtrack

Customization options for auto-combos, character stance, inputs and more


The battle system has been designed to be appealing to players across all skill levels.

Competitive play is extremely important to us. We strive to deliver a profound and complex combat system with a high skill cap to allow players to keep improving. Fighting game veterans will have plenty of room to express themselves thanks to deep system and character mechanics, versatile resources and advanced combos.

We love fighting games but we're well aware of the genre barriers, hence why we designed our game to be highly approachable and exciting for casual players as well. Newcomers will enjoy the amazing visuals and the ease of controlling their favorite characters thanks to the high level of customization and auto-combos.

No matter how experienced you are, we had you in mind when developing Umbral Core.

Check out this in-depth guide if you'd like to know more about how to play Umbral Core