Umbral Core


the Herald of Calamity

"My destiny for greatness was written in the stars… yours, was not."

Born under a rising star—a sign, a portent of the great destiny that awaited him. Despite the envy of the elders, despite the blindness of his kin, he would set them on the path to glory. He would right the wrongs of over a century of corruption and decadence that had been inflicted upon the once great race of the Orcs. For his destiny had been written in the very heavens. He would succeed to bring his kin into a new era, a glorious era. After all, Fate had decreed it so.




Haruk lacks both an airdash and a run making him quite slow. His fantastic long range normals combined with his fast projectile and anti-air allow him to effectively keep away the opponent. Should he find the breathing room to charge his U, he becomes a monster who can establish great pressure with the slo-moving projectile and reach the opponent from anywhere on the screen.

"My destiny for greatness was written in the stars… yours, was not."


- an energy explosion that surrounds him, performed with a down-up charge motion

- a projectile performed with a back-forward charge motion. Its fast recovery makes it an excellent zoning tool

- a forward thrust with his biggest arm, mainly used to close out combos or hit confirms

U: Haruk stores energy in the hole in his chest. When stored, the energy can be used to access three Unique Specials:

- a slow-moving projectile with a large hitbox that Haruk can walk behind

- a teleport attack that makes Haruk appear directly above the opponent

- an armored tackle which can be used to close the gap and armor through pokes