Umbral Core


Umbral Core is the first project of our indie development team, A Few Rounds Games. It started out as a passion project between 2 long-time best friends back in July 2020, but quickly took a very professional twist as we managed to spark the interest of extremely talented professionals around the world. After gathering a lot of ideas and inspiration, we eventually decided to bring it all together and dive in the toughest and most exciting challenge we’ve ever faced, developing our dream fighting game.

July 2020
Project start

Presentation brochure with gameplay mechanics, art direction and project development info to pitch the project and find team members

September 2020
Development begins

First development month, art director joins the team, hunt for new members begins

December 2020
Preliminary build

Early build with basic mechanics and temporary fighting engine, main character's concept art

March 2021
Team building

Environment artist, character animator, VFX artist and more devs join the team, netcode implementation, game engine rework begins

June 2021
Full team

Character modeler, sound team and illustrator  join the team, more characters and stage concepts, universal vfx

October 2021
Major assets production

First character model, first stage, basic OST tracks, sound effects, main illustration

January 2022
Playable build

Game engine fully reworked, game mechanics implemented, first character main animations 

December 2022

Alpha fully developed with all gameplay mechanics, one character with all animations and fx, character and training stages, online versus

May 2023
Development progress

Advanced training features, tutorial, trials, spectator, replay takeovers, Nir production begins

September 2023
Search for Publishing

Ready to pitch to publishers and investors to raise the funds needed to complete and release the game

We’re very proud of what we’re doing, and we sincerely hope you’ll appreciate and enjoy Umbral Core as much as we do. We count on you to keep the development going and make it happen!


Meet the amazing team behind Umbral Core.

dog 1

Simone Demontis

Design lead, marketing manager

dog 2

Alessandro Amendola

Lead programmer

dog 3

Guido Ballabio


dog 4

Jonathan Comoglio

Art director, concept artist

dog 5

Lucas Princé

Environment artist

dog 6


3D character artist

dog 10

Joel Maupin

Character animator

dog 7

Ge Lush

VFX artist

dog 17

Daniel Cooksey

Narrative designer

dog 21

Francesco Colombo

SFX designer

dog 15

Alessandro Ciani

OST composer

dog 19

Marco De Bonis

OST composer

dog 13

Iona Dolidze


dog 20

Peregrine Karczewski

Character designer

dog 14

Gianmarco Russo


dog 8

Paolo Rocchi

Audio Producer

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