Umbral Core


the First Father

"Come to me all who are weary. The orphan, the widow, the sojourner... the Fatherless."

Known through naught but an eerily common legend, woven throughout history like a continuous thread. The Father; the Progenitor. A tale spoken in a thousand hushed tones behind closed doors. An ancient tale to scare unruly youth into obedience; lest you be taken in deepest night. His family, as he calls them; the soulless puppets, hollow and empty. Faces of the lost, heroes and loved ones all--so say the legends. Many have searched, foolish souls all, for you cannot find something that doesn't exist. But, if he did? He'd find you...




Sigmund struggles on defense due to his slow pokes and lack of reversals. He's likely the most complex character in the initial roster, due to the significant challenge of controlling 2 characters simultaneously. Once mastered though, Sigmund and Maria's combined attacks make for great offense and space control, allowing for terrifying pressure.

"Come to me all who are weary. The orphan, the widow, the sojourner... the Fatherless."


- a thread explosion that bursts from the ground in front of Sigmund at various distances. It hits low and sends the opponent in the air. Hitting Maria with this move will launch her into the air.

- a command grab that’s mainly used to open up the opponent while mixing them up. Grabbing Maria will result in tossing her at full screen.

- a leap attack which is mainly used as a hard read or to finish combos with a knockdown.

Sigmund's U allows him to summon Maria. She has her own moveset, which includes:

- a poke that advances her slightly forward.

- a double-hitting overhead with relatively slow startup, used to open up the opponent.

- an upward kick that acts as anti-air and combo filler.

- a sequence of attacks which keeps the opponent blocking, allowing for mixups.

- a piercing attack that vacuums the opponent back to Maria on the 2nd hit.