Umbral Core

- NIR -

The Lost

"Let the hunt, begin."

Having grown up in what some would describe as “the arse-end of nowhere”, Nir spent most of her early life wanting something more than to be a nameless huntress in a tiny village. Her wishes were answered at the arrival of Byron, and the subsequent spreading of a deadly plague that warped the infected into eldritch horrors. Having failed to best the dark powers responsible, she elected to bide her time until she could face it again, but for that? She needed Byron.




She wants to fight up-close. Her toolkit revolves around fast normals, ambiguous mixups and excellent movement options. Her dive-kick is her main pressure tool.

"Let the hunt, begin."


- a dive-kick which is mainly used to apply pressure and open up the opponent, avoiding grounded attacks

- a scythe swing with decent range that’s mainly used as combo ender or extender. The first hit hooks the opponent then, depending on the strength used, the 2nd hit will push the opponent away, launch them in the air or drag them closer to Nir to keep the combo going on the ground.

- an orb that draws an arc trajectory before stopping and becoming active for a short time. It’s mainly used to control space and to set up ambiguous mixups.

- U: a quick projectile-invincible dash that can be performed both on the ground and in the air, in most directions. It gets better properties while in Dark Form, such as increased range and full-invincibility.