Umbral Core


the Ever-Curious

"Everyone's got a long path to walk... mine's a little longer, though."

Having lived a life of comfort and luxury deep beneath the earth within her subterranean homeland, Guzami’s curious nature finally got the better of her. Whilst exploring the deepest known recesses below the Land of the Second Sun, she encountered an entity entirely unbeknownst to her. Amidst the bones of an ancient civilisation, she found a living creature; one that exuded a corrupting, dark power that she scarcely could begin to describe. In the aftermath of what followed, she volunteered herself to be part of an expedition to learn more of this evil. Leaving her home far behind her, and venturing into the light of day in search of an answer to the very evil she had uncovered. In search of something—someone, perhaps—who could solve the puzzle of what that creature was, and indeed if it could be stopped.




Guzami is fast and can use her hook for spacing, but she's neither able to fully zone out opponents with it nor gain damage or advantage on block. She also lacks significant mix mid-screen and must be quite close to obtain any significant damage. Once she gets close however, she is a master of pressure and evasion, placing her in control of the pace of the match.

"Everyone's got a long path to walk... mine's a little longer, though."


- A dashing slash attack that can be made safer if spaced correctly, mainly used to close out combos.

- A retreating bomb-toss which can be used for spacing or ending a block-string for a quick escape.

- An evasive roll mainly used as a reversal to get out of pressure or to close the gap.

U: Guzami tosses her hook a different angles. When connecting it leads to a follow-up attack which pulls her towards the opponent.

- U special: Guzami tosses her hook to a wall and pulls there. When hanging she can perform a quick slashing attack, a broad jump or fall.