Umbral Core


Omen of Woe

"Fate, was not on your side."

Born under a dying star, it was prophesied that he would see the downfall and end of his great and noble race. Gragor was never expected to amount to anything, constantly plagued by his fate. Yet, in an act driven by jealousy, when the time came, the elders and chieftains saw fit to name Gragor as High Shaman, rather than the half-blooded Haruk. Choosing an omen of their demise, rather than to be lead by some contemptible halfbreed. The envy of the chieftains pushed Haruk to desperation. Desperation that would ultimately lead to the death and slaughter of most of Gragor's kind. The dark omens spoke true, Gragor now bears the guilt and weight of his destiny, and seeks to find the strength to make things right.




He’s the slowest character in the roster and doesn’t have an air-dash, but has the highest health pool to compensate. His kit revolves around command grabs and slow, heavy hitting attacks.

"Fate, was not on your side."


- a command grab that deals a lot of damage and allows for pressure afterwards.

- an air command grab that’s mainly used to catch opponents trying to avoid his ground command grab.

- a horizontal hammer swing which moves him forward. It's mainly used as combo ender or launcher.

- a foot stomp that can OTG for additional damage.

- U: Gragor infuses his hammer with one of 4 elements at will. Each of them provides Gragor specific buffs such as better movement, armor, damage and access to a specific new special attack.