Umbral Core


The Blade of Loreos

"Blind leading the blind... I would rather stumble through the darkness on my own path."

Between poverty and disease, crime and starvation, every day easily could have been the last. By some miracle, he survived the human cattle slums he was raised in and the Vampire Lords who owned them. His escape brought him into the company of Nir, and the adventures that followed ripped her away. Nir stolen from him. She was left an empty husk. With nothing left to save, but Byron has beaten the odds before...




He’s a balanced character with no particular strength or weakness that can effectively play both offensively and defensively. The combination of a sword and demon arm attacks allow him to be a threat at most ranges.

"Blind leading the blind... I would rather stumble through the darkness on my own path."


    A fireball that covers horizontal space and pushes the opponent back on contact, making it a great tool of spacial control and neutral game


    An uppercut that's great as anti-air and high-damaging combo ender. It's also useful as a reversal to get out of pressure thanks to its start-up invincibility frames


    A command dash with several follow-ups that allow for good offensive options and mix-up. It can also be cancelled to safely stop the offense or bait an opponent's reversal


    A sword slash with great range that deals massive damage. It can be powered up through Eldritch Surges increasing range, damage and allowing for combo extensions


    Byron's U gives him access to a unique charge system. Pressing U in specific situations will grant charges that can be accumulated for a maximum of 3. Using Nightfall will consume demon charges, but the attack will be drastically improved